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EV charging Services

We can offer EV-charging services to EV cars from our own IMG AS Demo and Evaluation chargers. Renting of fixed charging space will be available.

Renting from Sept. 2023: we have an electric car charging service (Max 7.4 KW) available at IMG AS GreenSpeed, Tordenskioldsgate 2, 3044 Drammen (very central in Drammen at Strømsø Torg / Railway station / Bus station / Parking garage) and can offer the following:

  • A fixed charging point (with parking space) available for your electric car around the clock, every day. (only electric cars are allowed)

  • 7.4 KW max electric car AC charger (Type 2 connector with the electric car's own cable).

  • Own RFID card to ensure that only you can charge at your charging point. 

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