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Vestel and Heliox EV chargers

Vestel Electric Vehicle Chargers

AC Series:

  • EVC01: Compacy Home charger max 22 kW

  • EVC04: Versatile all-round charger max 22 kW

  • EVC05: Robust dual socket for public spaces max 22 kW each socket

  • EVC10: Perfect dual socket for private and semi-public max 22 kW each socket

DC Series (fast chargers):

  • EVC03: Fast charger 120 - 180 kW 

  • EVC06: Slim dual fast charger 60 kW DC and 22 kW AC

Heliox Electric Vehicle/Bus Chargers (DC chargers)

  • Mobile: 40 kW. Lightweight and portable

  • Flex: 180 - 360 kW. Easily upgradeable for fleets groving

  • Rapid: 50 - 360 kW.  Affordable and future proof

  • Ultra Fast: 450 - 600 kW. Charge multiple EVs in minutes

Catalogue Vestel EV chargers

AC charger EVC04 data-sheet

AC charger EVC10 data-sheet

DC charger EVC03 data-sheet

Heliox Mobile EV charger data-sheet

AC charger EVC01 data-sheet

AC charger EVC05 data-sheet

DC charger EVC06 data-sheet

Catalogue Heliox EV chargers

Heliox New 360 KW Rapid 360 data-sheet

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