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Electric Vehicle Services and Installation



Our service partner Elcare Nordic AS offers service and repair of various IT and electronic products.


The approach is to repair and return the devices as quickly as possible.

Our Service Partner Elcare Nordic is certified to repair equipment for all major manufacturers of IT equipment.

In addition to repairs, we and our Service Partners offer several other services:

  • Repairs - both with and without warranty

  • Order spare parts

  • Swap Services Dispatch of replacement units for warranty service

  • Transport and logistics services

  • Collection of equipment in a company or shop, with transport to and from the workshop

  • Commission

  • Warehouse Storage of exchange units and spare parts

  • Validation and ordering of spare parts

  • Repair at customer's location (if warranty/agreement applies "onsite") Installation services Installation and connection of different types of equipment

  • Backup of data

  • Certified removal of data

  • Wash and clean the equipment

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