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ich drop everything... and I kills you too right then and there gothic fucking shit. Also, the use of the term 'convert to' is dubious at best. There is no such process, conversion is just 'you', literally and figuratively. 'You' don't convert to anything, you are what you are. Whatever you are, you are. ~~~ angersock _" I'm not the dominant character, I'm not the gay character. I'm just a gay character. The way I'm written, it's not that I'm a gay character. I'm a gay character."_ ... _just a gay character._ Well, gosh durn, I guess we have some poor choices in writing in our corner of the world. ------ tptacek Jesus, what a bait-and-switch. I want to hear him talk about programming language semantics, but instead I get about 50% "I'm not a programmer", "programmers are douchebags", and "I have a shitty life". I mean, the dude is a complete dud, I get that, but it's nice to be able to have a conversation with someone who doesn't take himself so seriously. adgar The thing that first struck me was how eerily similar his words are to Richard Stallman: I would love to talk to these people about what they actually do day-to-day. Especially since he called Visual Studio 2010 a "gay" and "feminized" development environment, he might be interesting to talk to about software development as a career. You shouldn't need to ask what Stallman does to determine whether or not he's an interesting person. Well, maybe I should have emphasized that I meant from an intellectual standpoint, not an interest one. I thought it would be interesting to find out what he does day-to-day in the hopes that it might be insightful. That's an interesting question, too, but it's been answered in the first person many times before. I'm not sure I'd be interested in talking




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Titling Gothic Font Free

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